Speed to the Finish in this Blazingly Beat-ridden Racer!

2017-03-22 10:12:24
  • Rhythm-based racing gameplay: collect beats and avoid obstacles!
  • Speed across a variety of worlds, accompanied by an electronica soundtrack.
  • Unlock new cars to race with, each with added power-ups and bonuses!
  • As a lonely driver journeying across the barren landscape, collecting beats from the streets has become your destiny. Such a destiny doesn’t come without its pitfalls, however – you will be needing to avoid oncoming enemies and obstacles along the way!

    Your car drives forward automatically, so it is up to you to swipe left and right to collect the colored beats scattered across the road in time with the music. Obstructions in your path can be overcome with a quick swipe up to leap over them, but be wary of enemy vehicles coming in from behind – swipe down when they are directly behind you to unleash an attack. If they get too close, it is game over!

    From: https://app-liv.com/en/games/music/10181?id=4301528