Bounce Balls off the Walls in this “Tee-rific” Puzzle Challenge!

2017-03-13 10:12:24
  • Deceivingly easy gameplay: swipe to make walls and guide the ball!

  • Play 140 creatively challenging levels across two levels of difficulty!

  • Unlock achievements and connect with others to bounce your way up the leaderboard!

Mini-golf and pinball and pong, oh my! Why choose, when you can have all three-in-one to make a hole-in-one! Ready that swiping finger and keep your eye on the ball - this deceptively simple game requires quick reflexes and even quicker thinking!

Swipe a wall of any length on the screen using your finger to bounce the ball off of it. As it bounces away, carefully choose the length and angle of your next series of swipes to guide the ball into the hole. Be careful! If it flies off the screen, the level ends and you will have to start all over again.

Thought that it was already challenging enough? As the levels continue, obstacles are thrown into the mix that will have you thinking doubly quick – can you avoid the rotating spikes throwing you off, or the bouncy platforms hurtling your ball in different directions?

Don’t worry, power-ups soon emerge to lend a helping hand. Maneuver the ball into the lightning bolt icon to slow it down for a period of time, the starburst icon to enlarge the hole, or other useful goodies to enhance the gameplay. Keep your wits about you as you swipe, soar, and bounce to that hole that seems so close yet so far away!